The Spelt Buyers Group

Dear Spelties,


We are sending you good news. We have received confirmation from our suppliersto supply Vancouver with Organic Canadian White Spelt flour.

We were able to negotiate a good deal and will be able to offer you the flourat the best price possible.
It has been a challenge to find White Spelt flour in Vancouver especially forthose like us, who use it for the majority of their baking.

With access to a large bank of Spelt Eaters, you Spelties, we are able to buythe flour in large quantities to start our buyer’s group.

Please read below the information about membership privileges and flour cost.

Membership fee:

  • $25.00 per year plus HST

Organic White Spelt flour cost:*(Minimum order is 20 kg)

  • $130.00 for 20kg bag ($6.50 per kg)*
  • Your order pick up: East Vancouver*
  • Shipping available at your cost.

**Important note: There is no time frame commitment to purchase flour. You justneed to be a member and e-mail us when you need white spelt flour. (moredetails in the membership agreement)

Membership privileges

  • To have access to white spelt flour in bulk.
  • Free tips on baking through the member’s newsletters.
  • 10% discount on any of our spelt baking workshops.(outside your home)
  • For members only  in house workshop. A 2 to 3 hour in your homeindividual mentoring workshop for $100/person, even only for one person, usingyour flour supply of white spelt flour for the baking, to bring our cost down.An extensive baking list will be available for you to choose from, so Janet canteach you how to make it at a convenient time for all.
  • 10% discount on every spelt cookbook being published by The Spelt Bakers.
  • Shipping available for your flour by Canada post. (at your own cost).
  • Email assistance for your baking questions within 48 hours.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please e-mail us to receive amembership agreement:    chedbaut@shaw.ca


We have decided, at this time, to give in house workshops for individuals orsmall groups, as renting a bakery or kitchen is too expensive.

In house workshop. A 2 to 3 hour in your home, with individual mentoringworkshop for $100/person for the first two people and additional people will be$50/each, available even only for one person, using your flour supply of whitespelt flour for the baking and your equipment/kitchen aid mixer. An extensivebaking list will be available for you to choose from, so Janet can teach youhow to make what you want at a convenient time for all.
*For members only

If you are interested, e-mail Janet at:   thespeltbaker@gmail.com

Our new website: thespeltbakers.ca will be coming soon!!
Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Christine and Janet
The Spelt Bakers