August 10th Newsletter – Spelt Baguettes

Dear Spelties,

Photo of baguettes made by Pamela after a baking day with Janet – great fun.

This past week has been so much fun starting off baking Spelt Baguettes with a friend, Pamela and then going to Harrison for Ceili camp where my daughter and Pamela’s daughter were both dancing, singing and having a good time and then going to the Farm House Natural Cheese shop 5 minutes away to buy some incredible brie to have with baguettes and my homemade raspberry-apricot jam. I also found a new cheese called Lady Jane which I had to buy since I was always called Lady Jane as a child when I was in trouble. I am thinking this cheese is just the perfect kind of trouble I like to get into. You can find this cheese at various Farmer’s Markets or at

Spelt Baguettes Recipe – makes 2

1 c hot water
2tsp sugar
1 tsp kosher salt
1tsp olive oil
2 1/2 cups white spelt flour
1/2 tbsp instant yeast

Put it all in mixer at same time in order listed with dough hook, 5

mins on #1, 5mins#2 speeds

Let rise in mixer bowl covered on warm stove, an hourish

Divide in 2, shape baguettes, do not over work, place on baguette

pans that have been olive oiled, let rise again, slit diagonally 5 slits

Bake 18 mins approx in oven 350 degrees

Serve with beer, butter and brie…

For more information on buying flour check our website

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