Spelt Recipes

Make your own mixes at home with the recipes that we used at the bakery and get the label as well to have your own Spelt mixes at home.

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Spelt Pancake mix recipe and label for you to put on your own jar or in a book so that you can make Spelt pancakes anytime. Janet’s favourite is to add blueberries to the mix and serve with Organic Canadian Maple Syrup. This mix can also be used to make waffles in a waffle iron to make sweet or savory waffles. Great with strawberries and cream or ham and swiss cheese. $4.99 plus GST includes shipping.

Spelt Muffin Mix recipe and label for a variety of different types of muffins to make at your convenience. You can make 6 at a time or more. You can also make mini muffins for kids. The recipe for 6 muffins will make 24 mini muffins. Add chopped up apples and frozen cranberries with a touch of cinnamon sugar on top. $4.99 plus GST includes shipping.

Baking Powder Biscuit Mix Label

Baking Powder Biscuit Mix Label

Spelt Baking Powder mix recipe and label for our famous baking powder biscuit mix. Use it as you would any biscuit mix for a variety of dishes. Great for a fruit cobbler or use as dumplings in a stew or soup. Add chives and cheese for a quick addition to soup or stew. $4.99 plus GST includes shipping.