Come celebrate the new cookbook with Janet!
Sunday, August 18th starting at 5pm.

As many of you know, I love to experiment and one of the experiments I have done a few times now and would like to share with you is the thin crust Napoletana style pizzas baked at 700 to 800 degrees.

Come and join me for dinner, pizza, caesar salad and a celebratory cake all made with spelt of course. Bring your own beverage.

Cost is $12.00 per person plus GST and can be paid via paypal. There will be flour and other products available for you to buy/pick up when you are here including Frozen products. Order through the website in advance to make sure you get what you want.

Maximum number of people is 25.

There will be a print copy of the new book for you to look at when you are here.

Once again I can say, we look forward to feeding you.

Individual workshops

In your own kitchen, Janet will teach you personally for you and/or for your friends and other members of your family.

$100/person for the first 2 people and for extra people, up to 6, would be $75.00 each.

You will have to use own your supply of white spelt flour.

Janet will be teaching you in your own kitchen, how to make any product with the grain spelt, from start to finish. A 2 1/2 to 3 hour hands on workshop. From our many ideas for workshops, including bread making, pastas, bagels, quick breads, croissants, pies, Christmas baking, etc..

**We recommend that you get a Kitchen Aid Mixer.


Travel cost might apply for outside Vancouver.


Email us for more details and for booking a date: