Spelt Flour


If you are interested in purchasing White Spelt Flour or Light All Purpose Spelt Flour from us in bulk, please order below. Please note that the all purpose spelt flour is slightly off white and still bakes reasonably well with my recipes.


White Spelt flour price:

  • 10 kg bag of organic white spelt flour is $120.00.


Light Spelt flour price:

  • 20 kg bag of organic all purpose light spelt flour is $160.00.


How to order?

  • By email or via paypal on this page: info@thespeltbakers.ca
  • Specify if you need to have it shipped or for pick up.
  • We will confirm by email or by phone that we have received your order, if we do not confirm, it means that somehow we did not receive your order. Please email again or use this email address instead: jfeirin@shaw.ca

Where to pick up your order?

In East Vancouver. The address will be given to you before pick up.


About Shipping:

If you need your flour to be shipped to you, we can ship it at your cost by canada post. We sometimes do deliveries, as we are often travelling all over Vancouver and the area and could drop it off for you for $15.00 if you live in Vancouver. If you live outside Vancouver, we will need to know the location for an accurate cost.
Arrangements can be organized ahead of time, by email.


About Payment:

Payment can be done online or mail a cheque prior to pick up or Delivery.


Where does the flour come from?

We are proud to sell certified organic white Spelt flour from Anita’s Organic Grain and Flour Mill located in Agassiz, BC. We are also grateful to the Farmers who provide us with this beautiful flour.


About white spelt flour:

White spelt flour has more protein than whole spelt flour and is easy to digest. Spelt is the only true grain that is a complete protein, providing you with all the amino acids needed for your daily requirements. Please check our website under: “WHAT IS SPELT” to know more about that wonder grain.


How to store your flour & how long does it last?

In a sealed container, where no bugs or anything else will enter. Place in a cool and dry place. You can easily keep your flour well stored for 1 year.


How do you store your spelt bread?

After baking your bread, let it cool on a rack and slice it and freeze it to keep it’s freshness. You can keep your bread on the counter or bread box, in a plastic bag for at least 3 days, if you don’t want to freeze it. Never put your bread in the fridge, as it will go stale right away.